Deauville foldable bag

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Spacer's Foldable Deauville Travel Bag is specially designed to meet all the needs of backpacking, with a modern look that fits men and women of all ages for those who love to travel, travel and on-the-go. Deauville Foldable Bag Features: Large backpack ... Read more

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Foldable backpack travel bag Deauville SPACARE brand is specially designed to meet all travel needs, with a modern look that fits men and women of all ages for those who love to roam, travel and on-going.

Deauville Foldable Bag Specifications:

  1. Large handbag foldable backpack.
  2. Easy to fold and expand.
  3. Lightweight and compact when folded, it does not take up space.
  4. Large size when expanded when needed.
  5. Suitable while traveling and shopping.
  6. Dimensions: 1220 * 27cm (folded) - 30 * 36 * 32cm (expanded) ..
  7. Colors: black - blue - green - red - pink.

Advantages of Uses of Deauville Foldable Travel Bag:

  1. Wherever you are convenient to use in the plane or car it is the best way to carry items
  2. An indispensable tool if you travel frequently or go to the gym regularly.
  3. Presented as a very convenient gift.
  4. The best option is that they are easy to use and foldable and are used for more than one purpose.

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Black, blue, green, red, pink

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Deauville foldable bag

63.25 SAR