Jump rope exercise without a rope

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Jumping rope exercises or skipping rope are among the most beneficial exercises, despite their simplicity, because they move a large number of muscles at the same time, starting from the shoulders, arms and wrists, all the way to the bottom. Read more

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Jumping rope exercises or skipping rope are among the most beneficial exercises despite their simplicity, because they move a large number of muscles at the same time from the shoulders, arms and wrists to the lower part of the body from the thighs, legs and feet.

The rope jumping tool was developed for the purposes of physiotherapy and physiotherapy, where the rope was canceled to prevent obstruction and some light weights were added at the ends of the handles for better results.

No Rope Jumping Exercise Specifications:

  1. Used in different positions (standing - sitting - walking).
  2. Suitable for narrow spaces.
  3. Lightweight and portable.
  4. Easy to store.
  5. It can be used in gyms, home, work and while traveling.
  6. Suitable for physiotherapy and rehabilitation centers.
  7. Two different levels of strength:
  • Red (Light) 0.5 lbs.
  • Green (intense) 1 lb.

Benefits of Rope Jumping Exercise:

  1. Tightening the muscles, especially in the buttocks, abdomen, and the muscles of the lower body.
  2. Improving the performance of muscles and organs in the body such as the heart and respiratory system.
  3. Burn more calories than other types of sports.
  4. Maintaining the best blood pressure.
  5. Helping children grow due to the effort applied to the knees, in addition to promoting blood circulation.
  6. It strengthens the joints of the body and increases their flexibility.
  7. Suppleness of the shoulders due to the continuous circular motion of the rope.
  8. Raise the ability to balance.

Safety and Use Instructions:

  1. If you suffer from chronic diseases, have undergone surgery soon, are undergoing physical therapy or a diet, or if you are elderly or have special needs, or suffer from knee and back problems, or if you are pregnant or Breastfeeding, do not do any exercises without consulting a specialist.
  2. It is preferable not to perform the exercise immediately after eating.
  3. Beware of performing the exercise near slopes, or on slippery floors.
  4. Do warm-up exercises before you exercise, such as simple movements like walking.
  5. Do not rush to jump quickly and get tired quickly and get tired, remember that the most important thing in this exercise is to continue the exercise for as long as possible, not the speed and the number of jumps.
  6. When you finish exercising, massage or take a warm bath to maintain its elasticity.

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Jump rope exercise without a rope

0.5 pound
0.5 pound
143.75 SAR