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Weights, or what is known as dumbbells or free weights, are among the most important sports tools that cannot be dispensed with, whether in the gym, home, or even in support and physical therapy sessions, to help strengthen the muscle structure in the body ... Read more

the weight: 1 pound

  • 1 pound
  • 2 pound
  • 3 pound
  • 4 pound
  • 5 pound
  • 6 pound
  • 7 pound
  • 8 pound
  • 9 pound
  • 10 pound
17.25 SAR

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Weights, or what is known as dumbbells or free weights, are among the most important sports tools that cannot be dispensed with, whether in the gym, at home, or even in support sessions and physical therapy, to help significantly strengthen the muscle structure in the human body, as well as its supportive role in burning fat And many of the health benefits of the body if used properly and regularly, characterized by ease of use and transportation and the variety of exercises that can be done through these weights.

Weight specifications of the pound:

  1. Vinyl layer for protection during exercise.
  2. Weights suitable for portability and portability.
  3. It can be used in gyms, physiotherapy centers, at home, at work and while traveling.
  4. Suitable for physical therapy and rehabilitation exercises for children, the elderly and people with special needs.
  5. Each color represents a different weight:
  • 1 pound (purple)
  • 2 pounds (yellow)
  • 3 pounds (pink)
  • 4 pounds (turquoise)
  • 5 pounds (red)
  • 6 pounds (orange)
  • 7 pounds (green)
  • 8 pounds (blue)
  • 9 pounds (silver)
  • 10 pounds (black)

Benefits of weighing a pound:

  1. The integrity of the body, by continuously using the right arm, weakening the left arm, and vice versa.
  2. Build muscle mass and strengthen it through regular, frequent exercise.
  3. Increase joint strength through continuous exercises.
  4. Maintaining the health of the heart and arteries through frequent and regular exercises that stimulate blood circulation.
  5. Burn calories and lose excess weight by consuming the body's fat stores and burning it to build muscle.
  6. Release energy, improve mood and psychology.

Weight pound features:

  1. Freedom of movement during exercise, you will not be governed by a specific device or machine, as weights allow you to move freely with the shoulders and arms or move the back and legs without restrictions, which gives you the opportunity to diversify exercises to obtain the best results.
  2. Increase the range of motion during exercise, when you expand the range of motion, you will increase the load and pressure on the muscle, which contributes to its formation faster.
  3. Gradual increase in exercise intensity for both beginners and professionals in sports, or those undergoing physical therapy.

Best exercises:

  1. Chest exercises.
  2. Back exercises.
  3. Shoulder exercises.
  4. Biceps and triceps exercises.
  5. Lower body exercises.

Safety Instructions:

  • Exercise the large muscle mass first (chest, back, hips, front, back, and shoulders).
  • Next, focus on the smaller muscles (biceps, triceps, and abdomen).
  • Increase the weights you are playing with gradually and not surprisingly.
  • Start with one set of exercises, for example 15 times for an exercise, then gradually increase that to reach three groups, each group 15 times for one exercise, and repeat it for a long time.
  • Play workout sets live without a long rest in between.
  • Avoid lifting heavy weights without monitoring the person in charge, you may tear your muscles or damage your back if you try to lift them.
  • If you: suffer from chronic diseases, or have undergone previous surgical work, or you have special needs, or you have specific physical treatment, or suffer from some persistent pain, or you are subject to a specific diet, or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, Please consult a medical professional before practicing any exercise.

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Weights 1-10 lbs

1 pound
1 pound
17.25 SAR