Elastic cord with ankle strap for leg exercises

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SPACARE is a rubber rope with ankle strap for leg exercises from a group of elastic ropes or what is known as resistance ropes. Read more

Power: Yellow - very light

  • Yellow - very light
  • Light green
  • Red - medium
  • Intense blue
  • Very black
86.25 SAR

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SPACARE is an elastic rope with ankle strap for leg exercises from a group of elastic ropes or what is known as resistance ropes. The basic idea of ​​resistance ropes is to tighten strongly against resistance, which directly affects the muscle mass, and it is a suitable tool for men and women, especially in physiotherapy centers and Physical rehabilitation because it strengthens the joints, ligaments and bones.

SPACARE Elastic Rope With Ankle Strap For Leg Exercises:

  1. A fabric tie at the ends to tie around the foot during exercise.
  2. Lightweight, easy to use, carry and store.
  3. Suitable for office, home, and travel workouts.
  4. Suitable for physical therapy and rehabilitation exercises.
  5. Suitable for children, the elderly and people with special needs.
  6. Tones of strength denoted by color:
  • Yellow (very light)
  • Green (light)
  • Red (medium)
  • Blue (intense)
  • Black (very intense)

Benefits of SPACARE Elastic Rope with Ankle Strap for Leg Exercises:

  1. Strengthening the muscle structure and joints of each muscle that works on it.
  2. Stimulate blood circulation as it is good for the heart and arteries.
  3. Helps release energy and give a feeling of psychological comfort.
  4. Helping to burn fat and lose weight if it is used on a daily basis as part of regular exercises with a suitable diet.

Best exercises:

  1. Leg exercises.
  2. Foot exercises.
  3. Squat exercises.

Usage and Safety Instructions:

  • Use resistance bands on consecutive days and repeat the same exercises continuously.
  • To get better results, stick to a low-fat diet so that you burn a proportion of the fats in the body, and then over time, the muscles emerge and tighten the wrinkles.
  • Keep it in a high place out of the reach of children.
  • Avoid random movements, without observing the person in charge, your muscles may tear.
  • If you: suffer from chronic diseases, or have undergone previous surgical work, or you have special needs, or you have specific physical treatment, or suffer from some persistent pain, or you are subject to a specific diet, or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, Consult a medical professional before engaging in any exercise.

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Yellow - very light, light green, red - medium, intense blue, very intense black

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Elastic cord with ankle strap for leg exercises

Yellow - very light
Yellow - very light
86.25 SAR