Adjustable Dumbbell Set - 24 Kg Weights

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The benefits of weights, or the so-called free weights or dumbbells, have multiple uses, as they are used in sports clubs, whether to build muscle or burn fat, as well as to be found in the homes and offices of exercise lovers.

SPACARE Dumbbells Adjustable Weight:

Dumbbell weights plates. Material: Steel. Dimensions: 24kg: 21 * 40 * 23cm 40kg: 25 * 45 * 25cm. Adjustable according to the appropriate weight by rotating the dial in both sides to choose the desired weight.

Hand grips are non-slip. Base for fixing weights. Safety lock for holding and securing weights. Weights available (options): 24 - 40 kg. These sets are available SPACARE adjustable weights stand for carrying weight groups.

Weight Features:

Weights suitable for portability and portability. Suitable for comprehensive fitness exercises. It can be used in gyms. Free movement during the exercise, you will not control a specific machine or device while performing the exercise. The variety and abundance of exercises that can be performed. Contribute to the formation of the muscle structure faster if the intensity of exercises gradually increased and repeated regularly.

Best Weight Training:

Chest, shoulder and arm exercises. Biceps and triceps exercises. Lower body exercises. Helpful in squat, stomach and back exercises.

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Adjustable Dumbbell Set - 24 Kg Weights

901.60 SAR 550.00 SAR