Weights and sports equipment

    Weights and sports equipment used in the gyms and to follow up the exercise at home

    Weights 1-10 lbs

    Starting from 17.25 SAR

    Ketel weights

    Starting from 41.40 SAR

    Dumbbell set with bar

    Starting from 223.10 SAR

    Flexible weight ball

    Starting from 28.75 SAR

    A ball of weights with two handles

    Starting from 78.20 SAR

    Weights linked to the foot and wrist

    Starting from 69.00 SAR

    Bon weights

    Starting from 34.55 SAR

    Dumbbells adjustable from 24-40 kg

    Starting from 901.60 SAR

    Weights 6-10 kg

    Starting from 80.50 SAR
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