Weights and sports equipment

    Weights and sports equipment used in the gyms and to follow up the exercise at home

    Weights 1-10 lbs

    17.25 SAR - 69.00 SAR

    Ketel weights

    41.40 SAR - 193.20 SAR

    Dumbbell set with bar

    223.10 SAR - 441.60 SAR

    Flexible weight ball

    28.75 SAR - 80.50 SAR

    A ball of weights with two handles

    78.20 SAR - 96.60 SAR

    Weights linked to the foot and wrist

    69.00 SAR - 126.50 SAR

    Bon weights

    34.55 SAR - 46.00 SAR

    Dumbbells adjustable from 24-40 kg

    901.60 SAR - 1,380.00 SAR

    Weights 6-10 kg

    80.50 SAR - 126.50 SAR
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