The best exercise at home


Exercising at home or in the gymnasium supports your physical and psychological health. Sport has a positive effect on the health of the heart, blood vessels, joints and muscles, in addition to raising immunity and improving the psychological state.

And because it is difficult for us to adhere to the daily routine of going to sports clubs, as well as the continuous closure of gyms as one of the precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the Corona epidemic, the practice of home sports has become important for maintaining health and fitness, in addition to achieving fitness and building muscles.

In this article, we will cover how to exercise at home and the tools you need to achieve the best exercise.

Sports for whom?

Our contemporary lifestyle forces us to sit for long hours in front of the office and in the car, and this long sitting has negative effects on the health of joints, muscles and all parts of the body, so exercise is for everyone, old and young, men and women, we all need to adhere to a daily routine to exercise at home to maintain fitness And physical flexibility and avoid diseases according to recommendations Physical activity Health Ministry from the Ministry of Health in the Kingdom.

What are the types of sport and how do you practice it at home?

Sport has many types according to the desired effect of practicing it, and each type has its own tools and exercises that you can provide in your home and ensure that you reach the goal you want. There are many types of home sports according to the method of performance and effect, namely:

Type XNUMX: resistance exercises and endurance lifting:

These exercises aim to build and strengthen muscles, in addition to strengthening and supporting the skeleton and joints, by lifting weights and weights of various forms, and this type of sport is important for both men and women, as it strengthens muscles, supports the health of the skeleton, increases the flexibility and fitness of the body, in addition to burning fat resulting Muscle Building. 

Resistance exercises can be performed at home with a variety of combinations Weights and sports equipment And well Rubber tubes Resistance. The results of these exercises depend on three factors: the weight used, the number of repetition sets, in addition to the number of days you exercise during the week. And from Tools used in resistance training Kettle weights - Weights ball with two handles - A set of rubber tubes of different strength

Type XNUMX: Cardio exercises:

They are exercises that are practiced with high effort to raise the heart rate and increase the speed of breathing, which helps to strengthen the heart muscle and lungs, and it also stimulates blood circulation in the body due to the speed of continuous movement and increased oxygen reaching the blood, examples of this sport are jogging, swimming, and dancing, And walking.

These exercises can be performed at home using some devices such as Sports wheel، وJump rope.

Type XNUMX: balance exercises:

These exercises increase the body’s resistance to falling, increase the strength of the lower extremities in the body, as well as increase the ability to control muscles. These exercises depend on loading the body weight on the left and right side alternately in different and varied positions, and some sports aids can be used to perform these exercises more effectively at home, such as Circular balance plate وFlexible weight ball Various sizes.

The fourth type: flexibility exercises:

They are exercises that increase the range of motion of the joints, and help to elongate and extend the muscles, which gives the body flexibility and protection from injuries, as well as improves the mental health of those who exercise them. Some of these exercises are important to do before or after cardio and resistance exercises to prepare and stretch muscles. Examples of flexibility exercises that can be done at home include yoga and stretching exercises.

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In conclusion .. to have a life full of health and wellness .. and to enjoy the fitness and agility of the body, you must make exercising at home a daily routine in your life .. allocate time for it that suits your daily schedule and try to stick to it no matter how many of your concerns .. and equip all the tools and devices that help you Doing exercises better.

 SPACARE wishes you a fun home sport.